viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Seminarios Internacionales de la Escuela del Maestro Vladimir VASILIEV

2012 Events by Vladimir Vasiliev


October 20 – 21, London – England. Hosted by Russian Martial Art Great Britain. Hand to Hand and Edged Weapons Summit by Vladimir Vasiliev
November 1 – 3, Tuscany – Italy. Hosted by RMA Systema Italy. Grand Expo and Seminar with Systema Founders Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev
November 24 – 25, Toronto – Canada. Hosted by Systema Headquarters. Knife in a Fight seminar by Vladimir Vasiliev
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October 6 – 7, Dayton – Ohio by Frank Arias. Hosted by Matt McCormick of Systema Dayton

October 27 – 28, Guayalaquil – Ecuador by Frank Arias.

October 27 – 28, Nassau – Bahamas, by Max Franz. Hosted by Gamal Newry of Systema Bahamas

November 3 – 4, Dallas – Texas, by Max Franz and Sunny Puzikas

November 10 – 11, Buenos Aires – Argentina, by Max Franz. Hosted by Fabian Garcia of Systema Argentina

November 16 – 18, Sao Paolo – Brazil, by Max Franz. Hosted by Nelson Wagner of Systema Brazil
November 24 – 25, Kortrijk – Belgium, by Adam and Brendan Zettler. Hosted by Koen Vandersteene of Systema Belgium
December 1, Aurora – Canada, by Adam and Brendan Zettler
For additional Systema event information and to host a seminar at your location, contact: training@russianmartialart.comclip_image005